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88-98 C-5 Style Tailgate & Rollpan Instructions


Note: Parts are inside tailgate handle mount for shipping.


1. Remove tailgate from pickup.


2.Remove handle and latches from existing tailgate and reinstall in new tailgate.


3. Mount handle in handle relocater. You may have to grind the head of the handle bolts for relocater to fit in tailgate properly.


4.Set lenses and backup light in openings and mark the holes. Remove lenses and drill holes with a 1/8'' drill. 


5.Install rollpan with self-drilling screws. Install tailgate and check for fit. Rollpan and tailgate can be sanded to fit the opening. If tailgate won't close, inside ends may need to be sanded to fit gap or hinges adjusted. The hinges can be slightly bent and or the latches can be shimmed to help center the tailgate. Also the hinges can be adjusted vertically and in and out. Spot-weld the hinge after the hinge is adjusted. Cut hole in the top of rollpan for wiring harness to go through and drill 1/4" hole for ground wire. If tailgate hits top edge of rollpan, sand bottom edge of tailgate to fit. Finish sanding top seam of tailgate. Remove tailgate and rollpan and repair any gel coat chips with body filler. Wipe with paint thinner and a rag. Sand, primer and paint tailgate and rollpan.


6.After tailgate is painted, install license plate light through tailgate handle hole and install lenses, bulbs and backup lights. Use 1157 or 2357 (brighter) bulbs for tail lights and for the backup lights.  If the backup light assembly does not fit in flush, pull it out and rotate the light sockets so that they are not in the way and put the backup light assembly back into the tailgate.


7.Install tailgate, plug in harness and hook up ground wire.