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'99 & Up C-5 Tailgate and Rollpan Instructions


1. Remove tailgate, bumper and spare tire from pickup.


2.Remove handle, latches, and hinges from tailgate.


3.Set lenses in openings and mark holes for mounting screws. Drill holes with 1/8" drill. License plate light goes inside tailgate and shines thru the hole above license plate.  Drill 3/16" holes for license plate light. LP light access is through tailgate handle hole. You may have to shim the backup light assembly to fit.


4.Mount latches, hinges, and handle on new tailgate.


5.Test fit and mount rollpan with self-drilling sheet metal screws. Mount the L shaped brackets to the rear of the truck frame and drill 3/16' hole in the bottom inside lip of the rollpan and use sheet metal screws to mount rollpan to bracket. Drill hole for wiring harness to go through tailgate.


6.Mount tailgate on truck and check fit.


7. Remove rollpan and tailgate. Finish sanding. Repair any gel coat chips with body filler. Wipe tailgate and rollpan with paint thinner and a rag. Sand, primer and paint tailgate and rollpan.


8.Install rollpan and tailgate. Wire pigtail to truck trailer light circuit. (This must be the trailer light circuit and not the regular tail light circuit.)  Blue wire goes to the back up lights, brown wire goes to the tail lights, green wire goes to the right turn light and brake lights and the yellow wire goes to the left turn light and brake lights. The black wire is the ground and it must be attached to the frame.  Install bulbs and lenses.  Use 1157 or 2357 (brighter) bulbs in taillights and for the Backup lights.  If the backup light assembly does not fit in flush, pull it out and rotate the light sockets so that they are not in the way and put the backup light assembly back into the tailgate.