C-Tech Ram Air Box Installation

For GM TBI Engines


Caution:  Ram air kit is not intended for severe wet weather such as flooding. Do not flood scoop with water when washing truck or any other time.  Excessive water in air box from any source will cause severe engine damage.


1.Remove existing air filter and housing.


2.Test fit air box to your throttle body


3.Your throttle body will have one or two air cleaner bolts. If it has 1 bolt in the center, use a 1/4th inch X 20 bolt and weld one piece of the enclosed steel tubing to the center of the bracket. 


If it has 2 bolts for the air cleaner use 6mm bolts and weld both pieces of the enclosed steel tubing where they match up to the bolts on the throttle body.


4.After welding is done and the plate and airbox fit correctly, bond metal plate to air box interior with short strand fiberglass reinforced body filler.


5.Apply adhesive back weather stripping to flange. Use K&N filter # 33-2015.