For Dakota V8 Engines


Caution: Ram air kit is not intended for severe wet weather such as flooding. Do not flood scoop with water when washing truck or any other time. Excessive water in air box from any source will cause severe engine damage.


1.Attach small air duct to underside of hood using 3M tape and/or self-drilling screws. It can also be bonded with any adhesive that will work with fiberglass. The small end of the air box should be up against rear of scoop.


2.Finish trimming large air box to lines and test fit on throttle body. It is better to trim a little at a time and repeatedly test the fit. Top of air box should fit within 1/2 inch of under side of hood when hood is closed.


3.Small air box should fit in and overlap the front of the larger air box when hood is closed.


4.Drill inch holes in rear corners of air box to help drain water from air box.


5.Press gasket down over top edge of air box to seal to hood. Check for fit and interference. Use a s shaped bolt to hold air cleaner and lid down.


6.If radiator hose interferes, relocate hose so air box will fit.


7.Use a 14 X 4 inch round filter.


Options for PCV hose:

Note: if PCV hose is hooked up to the air box the RAM Air Pressure may render the PCV function useless and increase oil consumption.

8a.Install PCV hose by drilling a hole and installing a hose fitting into base of air box


8b.Hook up PCV hose to a breather filter.