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Lenses Purchased Separately
$8 each Plus Shipping

GM C5 Tailgate and Rollpan

C5 Tailgate $999.00 - C5 Rollpan $199.00

Extreme Composites C5 Tailgate and Rollpan will fit:

'88 - '98 GM Full Size Fleetside

'99 - '07 GM Full SizeFleetside

'88 - '98 GM Full SizeStepside

'73 - '87 GM Full SizeFleetside

'94 - '03 Chevy S10 and GMC Sonoma Fleetside

Tailgate Price Includes These Parts

License Plate Light

Backup Light Assembly

C5 Style Lenses (4)

Wiring Harness

Mounting Bracket for Tailgate Handle

C5 Style Lenses Can Be Purchased Separately For $8 each Plus Shipping

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