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Tips on Installing Tail Light Pocket and

License Plate Pocket


1.     Drill 1" holes in center of tail light pockets for light bulb socket. Grind or file notches to match plug.


2.     Test fit back/up light assembly and mark where pocket needs to be cut for B/U lights to fit. Cut areas marked and trim until assembly fits.


3.     Mark and cut openings in tailgate or rollpan for pockets. You will have to cut away a large enough hole on the inside of the tailgate to work through.


4.     Grind or sand a 3" wide area around cuts on inside of tailgate. Fit pockets through panel.  Use small amounts of fiberglass re-enforced bondo to hold in place.  When satisfied with location, use fiberglass and resin to bond in place.


5.     Trim or grind front of pockets to match contour of rollpan or body. Use body filler to finish out.


6.     Cut hole for license plate light and install.


7.     If possible, leave flange on front of pockets until they are attached with fiberglass from the rear. This helps prevents the pockets from warping.


8.     Use 1157 or 2057 bulbs for taillights and 1056 for backup lights.