Latch Handle Re-locator Kit

1988-Up Full Size Chevy/GMC Pickups


1.The kit changes the tailgate latch handle to operate the tailgate latches from the inside or front face of the tailgate.  The original handle must be mounted to the adapter plate before installation.  The suggested procedure is as follows:


2.Remove the original handle from the tailgate.


3.Assemble the original handle mechanism into the adapter plate as shown in the attached instructions.


4.Lay the adapter panel with handle in the opening.  The tips of the rods should be visible in the opening near the new handle mechanism.  If not, use a wire or needle nose pliers to move the rod tips near the handle connectors.


5.Lift the rod tips and insert them into the plastic retainers on the handle mechanism.  Snap the retainers over the rods and check that the handle operates the latches correctly.  Complete the installation by installing the screws to secure the handle re-locator assembly to the tailgate.