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88-98 Z-78 Hood Installation Instructions


1.  Remove under hood light from existing hood.


2. Remove old hood.


3. Remove safety catch from old hood.


4. Remove spring from hood.


5. Remove hood latch and bracket from truck. Save all 4 bolts.


6.Drill 2 holes, using light for pattern, 20 inches from right side of hood.


7.Install spring with washers and nut.


8. Install hood on hinges. Shim as necessary.                                          


9.Paint latch bracket. Install latch in new latch bracket and bolt bracket to truck. It may be necessary to unclip hood release cable to give some slack. On later model trucks and some aftermarket grills you will need to trim the latch opening for latch to fit. This will only show when the hood is open.


10.Install safety catch to hood and carefully close hood. Trim handle on safety catch and / or trim top of grill so handle will clear and give you room to open catch.                              


11. Sand lower front edge of hood to line, or to fit to grill. Finish sand edges and rear of hood. Edges are left slightly long to reduce chances of damage during shipping


12.Finish sand area around scoops. Repair any gel coat chips and flaws with body filler.


13.Wipe the surface down with thinner to remove  the mold release wax.


14.Block sand, prime and paint.


15. Cut wire screen to fit in upper openings and use 5-minute epoxy to hold in place. Screen is optional. You may want to paint the inside of the scoop black, behind where the screen goes.